Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Antipasto New Year!

Happy Open Source Hardware New Year!!!

Queue Lion King's theme song, the Circle of Life music... Elton John begins... rewind 15 years ago, I am a teenage boy living in Connecticut (not in the ritzy South-eastern part of CT, the farmlandish central/middle part). My parents both worked very late, so a family friend used to pick me up from school, and on the weekends, and teach and tutor me in mathematics in my spare time. Little did she know, many moons later, I would still find mathematics exciting, and constantly trying to apply it to my hardware hacking endeavors :-)

I'm home as I type this, and the irony is... my family friend sent a plate of antipasti for the holidays, and New Years. I couldn't help myself, I immediately placed the plate on top of my laptop, popped open the Liquidware website, and voila! Real antipasto meets Liquidware Antipasto Hardware Blog - the circle of life completes!

The keen observer will notice the Java books on the right, and especially the Clojure book :-) I try to learn at least one new programming language during every holiday vacation - this time, it's clojure...