Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prototyping board

This past weekend, I bought another prototyping shield from Ladyada here in NYC - but this time in an unassembled kit form. The funny thing is that it would have been much quicker to just drive down to Adafruit's headquarters downtown (from midtown) to pick it up. But the package showed up two days later, which isn't bad for NYC mail.

Here's a picture of the contents of the kit, poured out onto my desk (which is actually a small piece of cloth-covered corkboard from my old office):

I then clamped the PCB onto the "3rd hands" and began soldering away:

After only 15 minutes with the gun, and only 1 redo, I sat back and appreciated my work of art:

But it got me thinking... why not make an extender board, that allows someone to attach two modules onto the Arduino base? That way, you could put two breadboards on one Arduino, or possibly a breadboard and a GPS kit?

The possibilities would be endless... and I shall call it the "Pin Replicator Shield". I've started a project entry over at liquidware to hold my thoughts and progress on the new shield.

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