Sunday, April 6, 2008

Super modular Arduino with Extendershields

Looking around at some of the assembled DoubleTall and DoubleWide ExtenderShields, I had this thought that it might be cool to combine everything into a single super-modular Arduino. Although it's not fully functional, in theory it could be, and could actually be made to work with some time (and energy).

Included in the picture are:

-Arduino Diecimila
-Liquidware TouchShield
-Liquidware Lithium BackPack
-Parallax Temperature Sensor
-Parallax Sonar Ping Sensor
-Parallax 2D Accelerometer
-Parallax Motion Sensor
-Libelium GPS Module
-Sparkfun XBee Module
-Liquidware DoubleTall ExtenderShield
-Liquidware DoubleWide ExtenderShield

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