Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Physical computing with BitDJ

I just got back from a really fun road trip out west, and saw a lot of really cool things, like wild animals, trees (which don't really exist in New York City). It really got me thinking about *real* physical computing, I also had time to upload some other videos I'd taken that I hadn't uploaded yet.

Speaking of physical computing, a lot of folks have been asking about the BitDJ program that comes pre-installed on every TouchShield. "What can I do with it?" Well, the general idea was to make a portable physical computing application to demo the ideal combination of the Arduino with the TouchShield... like this:

You might also have discovered that if you boot up BitDJ, you can go to the system menu, and turn on inter-screen fading (which looks really cool with the hardware in-out soft fading, kind of like an Apple laptop's pulse button).


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