Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uploading TouchShield Images with the Aardvark IDE

I just downloaded the most recent version of the Aardvark IDE and uploded my first slide show!!!

As a tribute to the finale of the greatest show of all time I uploaded some pictures from Battlestar Galactica. I cropped the images in paint and saved them as 24-bit Bitmaps.

Uploading a 128 x 128 pixel bitmap took about 1 minute...

I uploaded the gadget file I used on the app store if anyone is interested.

Thanks Omar & Chris... I'm having lots of fun with this little feature!


Isi said...

Hello, i have a problem with the program. When the slide is connected and you transfer the images it works right but when i switch it off and on it gives me this message in the slide: FlashFileSystemComm()

whats the problem? Thanks.

Chris said...


It works, yay!

You're doing everything right, next step is to display the images that you've just uploaded.

Make sure open(FlashTransfer) isn't called, unless you want it to wait for new images.

Isi said...

hehe, thanks, it works great, i made a mistake as i didnt comment this line: open(FlashTransfer);

Do you know if is compatible with HersheyFonts or what are the changes it have to be done to integrate HersheyFonts?


funkadeelia said...

Hi guys,

got my stealth up and running and its looking good.

I can't seem to get the bmp to draw in cleanly at another location than 0,0 - anything else results in major distortion of the bmp? Any ideas?

I'm a noob to this but will be working alot with the arduino and touch shields over the next 5 weeks so any help is very much appreciated...



Unknown said...

Got me TouchShield Slide this morning. What a nice bit of kit! I have a problem and a question. When I load large bmp's (200KB+) the TouchShield displays the size as approx 40000B and the image display is corrupted. How do I delete bmp's from flash?

Any ideas?

Dick said...

Agreed with funkadeelia and darcy- Images at non-0,0 locations, those in higher Y positions in particular, have weird cropping problems. The image seems to load and then loses a chunk.

As for the large images, I'm trying to load a full 320x240 splash screen and getting no love, just a column of image that looks oddly interlaced.


Joao Barros said...

The Windows exe won't work with a recent Slide because of this:
If str.Contains("Touch Shield") = True Then
and the Slide presents itself as:
// usart_puts("\nTouchShield/Slide Flash File System Ver 0.1\n");
usart_puts("Flasher v0.2");

A small update to the vb project will fix the "no Touchshield is connected error message"

Anonymous said...

I've tripled check my code and the image upload process, but for some reason my slide only ever displays the first image uploaded to it. Even using this direct example with all the images properly uploaded, only the first one with the woman only ever flashes. I've tried this with other 24 bit map images with the same result. Am I doing something wrong or is my slide just glitchy?