Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Groundhog Day for the Illuminato: An Update

It's April, and spring is finally here, but somehow it felt like Groundhog Day all over again. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Illuminato, so when Mike told me last week that Illuminato first articles came in, I was pretty excited. It took some time, mostly because the board is a tad more complex, but the buried vias and gold trim are something that most folks seemed to say was worth the wait.

Well, much like February 2, first article inspection was a make-or-break point on whether Illuminatos would come soon...and I'm thrilled to say that they're almost here! Here's a sneak peek at the first illuminatos that came through, and they passed with flying colors, so it should be about 2 weeks, hopefully sooner, that they're all here for good.

There's quite a bit more to look forward to...polishing, testing, and packing up all the illuminatos :-) And once that's all settled, then the payments will be mailed out, and the first step in the Open Source Hardware Bank experiment will be complete!

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Alex E. said...

Are these shipping this week? Just curious.. :D