Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boston to OSHW Bank: All systems go!

I moved! And it took a lot longer than I thought it would, and all my computers got stuck in the back of a truck for almost a month. Among other things, it meant that it took me about 3 weeks before I could update the open source hardware bank website... sure enough, some funny things happened:

DoubleWide ExtenderShield X

TripleWide ExtenderShield X


I've been keeping track of the orders as they've come in, and in the last few days, both queues just got pushed over the middle fulcrum point. I guess that means... it's time to build me some DoubleWides and TripleWide X's. I'm going to put everything together and get cracking immediately.


merlin13 said...

Congrats for the move, Matt. I see you posted updates for some of the OSHW bank projects but not for the EqualizerShield: any news about it? Thanks!

Matt said...

Thanks, merlin13 :) Whoops, yeah I updated the graphic for the equalizershield at, but it's still stuck at the half-way mark... It's supposed to have another few weeks "technically" before the pull-the-plug or refund or build decision... I think Justin is going to see if maybe the quantity was too high, and possibly if anyone really really wanted it, and was interested even if it cost a little more. Ping... Justin are you there?

merlin13 said...

Thanks for the update, Matt.
Now that you mentioned the cost idea... The OSHW bank idea is so cool that it would be nice if more people could afford the hardware. So I wanted to suggest some cheaper shields. I know it is hard to make them cheaper (being a lot of work on your part) however I know at least 2 guys (beginners like me) that have a "price threshold" of about $30 in mind. Anyway, this ideas are better left for email, if you like, drop me a line.