Monday, June 22, 2009

Using the TripleWide X to Make an Open Source PSP

...that Plays Ping Pong. Sony's got nothing on the Arduino... :-)

Update: A lot of folks have emailed me about posting a kit to build the Open Source PSP, so I've added it to the Liquidware site as the "Open PSP Kit". Thanks!

Introducing the TripleWide ExtenderShield X (and Pascal's Triangle)

The Open Source TripleWide is funded by the Open Source Hardware bank (thanks!) just came in the mail, and Mike and I spent past week building up a few of them. The TripleWide is like the what yuo'd get as the result of applying the binomial theorem and Newton's expansion, represented in Pascal's triangle... in other words, first there was a protoShield, then a bunch of different types of protoshields, then a DoubleWide ExtenderShield, and then a TripleWide ExtenderShield.

Assuming this:

Therefore this:

But since Pascal's triangle has two 3's in the third row, naturally that means there had to be two different versions of the TripleWide: one with single inline headers to fit the Arduino, and one with double inline headers for the Illuminato ... hence the "X" name:

Incidentally, I think it's safe to say the next row (called the 4th row because the top 1 is the 0'th row) of Pascal's triangle is a bit intimidating... I can't imagine what a QuadWide or SextupleWide ExtenderShield would look like - actually I can, and it's not pretty, and certainly not small.

Anyway, the whole point of the TripleWide is to allow someone to put up to 3 shields on an Arduino Mega or Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila. That initially sounds weird, but now that there are more and more shields out there, it's starting to make sense. For instance...

The Open Source Ping-Pong-Playing "PSP"

Here are some pictures of the TripleWide ExtenderShield placed on top of an Arduino, with a TouchShield, and 2 InputShields (one set to mode A, and the other set to mode B):

And here's a video that Mike took of him and Chris playing the ping pong game:

The source code for everything is over at the "App Store"... and I just put the TripleWide up on the liquidware shop...

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