Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Computational Structures

I just got my letter confirming my invitation to the LACSS Conference at Los Alamos National Labs!

Their hypercube logo reminded me of my Illuminato X Machina representation of what could be considered for a 4-way mesh topology.

The physical connection in my cube is made by bending a few intercellular matrix headers at right angles.

I'm testing Matt's gradient stealer sketch, which is running on each Illuminato X Machina cell, looking speedups due to the cube architecture.

In this 3D mesh configuration, the network architecture allows more nodes to communicate simultaneously, and with shorter hops back to the source, which was my PC.

Up next: Performance speedups by using Oracle bits, and exhibiting quantum acceleration of non-quantum computing, by jumping the mesh.


Matt said...

nice! 3d connectors = 3 dimensional computing circuitry?

Matt said...

on second thought, sort of looks like a borg

Dataman said...

Resistance is futile!

Matt said...

finally got back, and caught up on my sleep... that event was fun, and I have tons of project ideas now :)