Thursday, December 24, 2009

Smart grid meets ... cake?

Dave sent me a photo of the coolest cake I've ever seen. Of course I'm partial. This is a DIY hand-made cake (something that if far beyond my abilities), made in the form of an Illuminato X Machina.

The resemblance is ridiculously amazing. The details, even down to the exposed solder pads that hold the advanced "weapons-grade" power sensory chips, has been replicated. Using large slabs of chocolate, the chef of this cake replicated the quad connectors too.

Totally ridiculous. Dave is checking with the chef to see who it is that I can give proper attrition (nutrition? ha) to for this work of art.



Matt said...

I've now gotten a dozen emails about people asking about this... so if you're the creator of this cake, please step forward :-)

Justin said...

i never thought electronics could look so tasty!

Unknown said...

My wife (Melinda) made the cake. I was a student in Dave Ackley's class this semester. She wanted to make a geeky cake for my graduation party, but I didn't want a boring PC or something like that, so I suggested she make one that looked like an IXM.

Matt said...

@Jeff - so it was you! You have no idea how many emails and notes I got... your wife is famous...! This is ridiculous :) Really creative... the pad traces, the connecting wires from the headers, the little white via holes. Wow.