Monday, July 26, 2010

BeagleTouch meets Makerbot

By now, almost everyone's heard of the Makerbot, it's a DIY 3D printing system made by the guys down in NYC (mostly notably, Bre Pettis, who Chris, Matt, and I met down in NYC a little while ago - and who we also met again at the San Mateo Maker Fair):

Anyway, while Koen was hacking away on the solution to getting R up and running on the BeagleBoard, he built a coaster, which happens to hold the BeagleBoard quite nicely, and also looks pretty slick with the BeagleTouch:

So without further ado, here's Koen's picture:

Pretty nifty... although I haven't tried my hand at running a Makerbot myself yet, this is definitely some solid inspiration... Justin has one in the back room, and maybe now it's time to play with it? :-)

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Anonymous said...

That is nice! I wonder what it would take to make a full case for the Beagleboard Tablet? I know I'd love to have one!