Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scooterputer, an Open Source Scooter Dashboard

Open Source is awesome. 1 day after the announcement of the LCDash GT, and how it helps people hack car engines with MegaSquirt, comes a project from Kurt about a 100% Open Source Hardware-based computer that lets you see sensor read-outs, and realtime information connected to a scooter, which naturally make someone a better driver!

It's called the "Scooterputer" ... and it uses parts from Adafruit, Liquidware, and Sparkfun, and all the source code is open source (I uploaded it to the Open Source app store site).

Kurt used the antipasto arduino ide, which brought a tear to my eye, thinking that all those hours slaving away with Chris getting that to work was time well spent :-)

This is a custom, homebrew shield Kurt made to house and connect up all the sensors:

Kurt has a ridiculously well written tutorial on how he built everything up on his site over here...
and Make blog even picked it up, and there's a funny conversation about it over at the Arduino forums.


Rusty Jay said...

Wow this is amazing! My first post ever but have recently started watching Liquidware's site and working on Arduino etc in my spare time.

Could you post a kit on the site? or any cost estimate? You guys have done what scooter/motorcycle companies and cars for that matter should have done a long time ago.

Great Work!


jeffmcc said...

what kind of body is that on the arduino. can i buy one? would make a get kit!