Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm heading to Maker Faire NY!

This week is Maker Faire New York City, and it holds a special place in my heart, for a number of reasons. A large part is because Maker Faire is where I started out, 3 years ago, with my humble little TouchShield Legacy and Arduino. At the time, I was traveling quite a bit for my day job, and barely had time to sit in one place long enough to do any serious development.

Maker Faire 

New York
September 25, 26 2010

Fast forward to the present - now I live in Boston, and after three years of driving or flying myself out to San Mateo for Maker Faire's, I'm pretty excited to have one in my own back yard... relatively speaking, that is.

In the past, I've set up tables with some of my favorite hacks. But this time, I'm going to be joined by Justin, Will, and Francis, fellow hackers at Liquidware. And instead of showing off only just my Open Source Hardware hacks, all 4 of us are going to bring along demos and hacks using the latest gadgets.

And at least one of the projects hasn't really been blogged about, because it's still in demo form. Dun dun dun :-)

Ok, back to packing for a busy week ahead...


Chris Gammell said...

Nice! Are you going to the Open Hardware Summit as well?

Matt said...

Hey Chris, yes I am - dropping into NYC all week in fact. I'm going to be giving some comments on the panel with Dave Mellis of Arduino fame (also from Boston), on the relationship between Open Hardware and the "Law". Sounds ominous, eh?