Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Powering my Raspberry Pi with the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen Battery

My Raspberry Pi finally showed up today! Naturally, an unboxing event was in order…


I haven’t gotten around to setting up my SD card yet, but I just wanted to see if it would power on with the BeagleJuice sitting on my desk. In theory, it should work, since the BeagleJuice outputs 5V from each of the 2-pin molex connectors.


I took the micro USB cable that I spliced last week and plugged it into the Raspberry Pi…


…then I connected the other end to the BeagleJuice.


And voila! The Raspberry Pi powers on, as indicated by the red power LED next to the audio jack. Just for kicks, I plugged in the BeagleBone to the BeagleJuice as well (with a 5V barrel jack) to make sure they both run simultaneously, and they do :-)


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satish dawan said...

That's wonderfull, powering up the Raspberry Pi with beagle.... But not always! If i go for heavy loads like motors, it may damage the beagle board. I am i right!