Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playing around, but learning and building as we go

Whether you are an open source hardware (OSH) novice, or someone with a PHD in electrical engineering, I'd like to make "playing" with OSH not only fun for apt engineers, but also a learning experience for all us "newbies". I hope the videos I’ve posted over on youtube have been helpful, and there are definitely more to come....

Matt, Mike, Chris, Justin, and I have been crunching late into the night with all the great feedback we've received. Thanks to all the very motivated and helpful tinkerers out there, we've accomplished a great deal in just days! We have fixed Arduino core syntax errors on Mac OS, we've upgraded the firmware core, we've built more optimized serial transmission code for the whole Arduino community, and some especially cutting edge work has even started to push animation on the Arduino... crazy indeed.

This is so cool, and it's made even cooler by the fact that contributions have come flying in from England, Japan, Australia, and almost everywhere you can imagine in the US.

Thanks :)

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