Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hilary and Obama Debate... on my Arduino?

In the spirit of the United States Primaries I decided to reenact a debate between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.
I first asked my friend Billy to play the part of Obama...
But he didn't respond positively.

So I asked another good friend of mine...
Me- "George, do you want to reenact a debate with me?"
George- "Yeah, I love debates."
Me- "OK, you can be Hilary and I will be Obama."

Me- "A simple no would have been sufficient."
But unfortunately no one wanted to play with me; so I enlisted the help of my Arduino and TouchShield.
1. Uploaded some pics using the ImageUploader
2. Wrote some code:
void setup()
if ( touch_get_cursor(&p) )
bmp_draw("obama01",0,0); //draw the bitmap
while(1); //wait forever
3. Brodcasted the debate live.

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