Sunday, June 1, 2008

Push it Backwards

Lets face it, the Arduino's profile doesn't lend itself to multiple shield development. So many people have asked us, how do I fit more shields for my increasing complex projects?

One answer is to push your development to the backside.

Shown above is a portable, touchscreen Arduino datalogger which Mike through together in about 2 minutes. Cool huh?


Nerudin said...

Hey.. So I am thinking of buying this.. I want a Wishield and a MotorShield to stack.. Problem is, there is Pin conflict when I plug the MotorShield on top of the WiShield..

My question is, Will the extender shields solve this problem?.. I am assuming the problem will still be there even with the extender shield as the two Shields will still be using the same pins..

Look forward to an answer.


Matt said...

@farah - actually, the pin clobbering problem is a tough one, for sure, and the extendershields only really address the issue of pin replication. the doublewide X edition provides more pins, and would be a lot easier to re-pin out the 2 shields simultaneously

Jimmy said...

Hello! I would like to have a touchscreen or big graphic LCD for my arduino but I also need all the 6 pwm pin to pwm 6 led array. My question is can this board help me to have pin for touchscreen or graphic LCD and the 6 pin pwm.

Thank you!