Thursday, June 19, 2008

The shrinking world we live in

Downsizing has really hit the a lot of places really hard. Companies are laying off people left and right. Not really a good thing. But downsizing has hit the Arduino market as well. Look at the Arduino-compatible Skinny from Sparkfun, and the hot-off-the-PCB-printing-press Arduino Nano. The jury's still out on this one...I mean, what happened to bigger is better?!?! But I'm not part of that jury. Smaller means I can cram more of them into my pocket. Try sticking 15 Arduino Diecimilas in your pocket. Seriously. Those things have sharp corners!

Here's one more thing that walked in front of the Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids machine. Check out the 6-inch Type-B mini USB cable. What's also sweet about this downsizing is that it fits in my pocket, no tangles. I promise. And it works for pretty much anything with a Type-B mini my Lithium BackPack. Or my Blackberry. Or Chris' smartphone (click video to play)

*Guitar not included.

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