Monday, October 20, 2008

My mom's not as interested in the Arduino as I am

I went home this weekend carrying my newfound treasure- a shining, shimmering copy of Open Source Hardware, Volume 1: Do-It-Yourself Gadgets. It reminded me of that time I brought home my very first book report to show my mom (I got a B+, in case you're wondering, and no, it wasn't good enough).

Me: You know that electronics stuff I've been playing with? The Arduino?
Mom: Yeah?
Me: I typed up my notebook and turned it into a real book! Pictures, barcodes, and everything! It's about all the stuff I learned...maybe you want to try it out? (hand book to Mom)
Mom: (flipping through) It's so many pictures. Where are all the words?
Me: It's supposed to be illustrative, step-by-step, so you know what you're's not a novel.
Mom: (closes book) I thought you were going to be a doctor. When are you applying to med school? You're still applying, right?
Me: (awkward silence)

Well, my mom thinks it's a nice looking book, but isn't really interested in learning about our dearest Arduino & friends, so I've got just a couple extra copies lying around from the batch I printed. Hopefully someone thinks otherwise :-) If you're interested, I have it up over on the Liquidware site.

Also, I slipped in the thinnest USB stick I could find (the Kingmax SuperStick) with source code and other handy files, so you'll really have a treasure trove of projects to get you going once you pick this up! I'm still relatively new to all of this (book printing, Arduino, GIMPShop, you name it) so I'm sure there will be another revision sometime soon!

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Jehan said...

how the hell are you going to charge so much for a book about open source hardware?!

i expect a free e-book (or atleast a price break!) by the end of the year!