Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A custom kit for your very own project!

Matt and Matt were so busy with the Illuminato that they forgot to blog about the work they've been doing over on the Liquidware site!

As more and more modules showed up on the site, I kept getting emails about whether a kit could come with a Slide (vs. Stealth), or a HiCap (vs. MeCap), or even a BasicSTAMP CoreBoard (vs. Duemilanove). When things just got too unwieldy, it was time to let everyone pick their own kits, and thus the gadget builder was born.

After several weeks of extreme Ruby coding, the Matts finally pulled it together. There are three "base" kits - the Gadget Base, the Game Base, and the Robot Base, each of which can now be customized for almost every option anyone's asked for so far! Of course, it's still in beta, but it should work on sure to check it out, and of course, just let me know if you've got questions :-)


Matt said...

Ha ha ha... actually the issue might be on Linux. My Firefox browser on linux doesn't like my javascript code :(

I'm still working on it though...

Zach said...

I'd just like to say thank you for an amazing site! I just stumbled across the illuminato post on hackaday and spent the past 4 hours skimming your blog. I am looking forward to getting an Illuminato as my first arduino board.

Looking at the Gadget Kit Builder my only suggestion would be to have a "none" option for the display. Also the display description paragraph says "Stealth" twice but I think it means to say "Slide".

Justin said...

Hey Zach - thanks for stopping by (and the kind words as well!)

Everything's still brand new and a huge work in progress, so I (or Matt) will tweak these. Appreciate the heads up :-)