Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Haven Arduino Hackfest

I had so much fun last night!

Arrived at Panera in North Haven at 5:40ish

Started Programing as soon as I sat down

Mark S showed everyone a case he built for his arduino, inputshield, and two touchshields.
Very cool!

Mark also gave a demo of the fonts library he is working on for the Slide

From what I remember he had quite a few Hershey fonts in variable sizes:
Times Roman
Times Italic
Gothic English

Chris and Mark discussing the roatated fonts

The rect function is fixed for the touchshield

We stayed till they kicked us out at 9:40...
Matt mentioned that he is going to get something together in NYC on the weekend of the 7th and 8th.
I can't wait to do this again!


Chris said...

wow, that was crazy, I never thought I'd be learning low-level font drivers at Panera -ridiculous.

Didn't see any pics of the rotated fonts, so I'll hope to have these routines merged into the TouchShield core to snap some pics of Mark's sample code.

Also, Matt tells me he's working on some crazy gauges for his Motorcycle that may be ready for the next meetup -can't wait!

Unknown said...

That font work is awesome! Mark seems like a real talent. I look forward to seeing some sample code!

On a related note, I noticed some new functions listed on the touchshield API wiki -- text(), size(), stroke(), etc...

Are these already in the current API or part of an update?



Mark said...

I have created screen shots of some of the fonts.

check out


Matt said...

by the way... oh my *god* those fonts look amazing... i can't wait to try them myself!!!

Unknown said...

Where is Touchshield 1.1.1 by the way (I ask in an excited, polite way, rather than an expectant, pushy way)? I've been keeping an eye out for an update since the Illuminato release... The 7-segment bits have been a treat! Looking forward to bezier curves and hershey fonts...

Chris said...


Mark actually provided those Fonts code updates on a CD after the meeting, so it's really just waiting on me to update them into the cores. Sorry for being the hold up here, but they'll get posted, for sure!

I can shoot you a email if you'd like to be the first to know when their posted, just send me a note.


Mark said...

I have posted the Hershey fonts on github. Please send me email if you have any questions or problems. My email address is in the source code.