Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aardvark Gadgets!

Catching up on last weeks blog activity... I couldn't help but put the pieces together!

1.) Chris uploaded an app for his Arduino
2.) Matt uploaded an app; he actually used his app for his TouchShield, and Chris' app for his Arduino
3.) Omar uploaded an app; he created an gadget file for the ide so you can merge these 2 apps into 1 file
4.) My Turn!

I first downloaded all the apps, starting with the Arduino Windows version.

Next I installed the Aardvark

Run! -> Next! -> Yeah, Yeah, Program Files! ... Next! -> Install! -> Finish!

All Programs... Drag new Arduino.exe to my desktop
Quadriple click Arduino.exe! (hehe, double click works too)
Open: ArduinoSlide.pde (a gadget that includes an Arduino and a Slide!)
Finally opened my first gadget file!!! (thanks Omar)

Next is where I add Chris' and Matt's code...

First Chris' Arduino Forwarder App...
I selected the Arduino picture in the gadget window on the left
Then I pasted Chris' Forwarder code into the code tab

Now Matt's App...
I selected the TouchShield Slide picture in the gadget window on the left
Then I pasted Matt's InputShield_Display code into the code tab

Uploaded my code to each device
Saved my gadget!

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