Friday, February 20, 2009

Illuminato, Part 2 - and the open source economics experiment

So the illuminato ran out a couple weeks ago, and it's somewhat more expensive than Matt and I ever planned, especially building in small quantities. Matt's old professor, who paid for the last batch, isn't going to be paying for it this time around, not to mention trying to raise money from friends family and former professors is about as easy as pulling teeth! I've been trying to figure out just how to raise the money to fund this open source board in the most open source way possible, so I asked around. I've gotten a lot of awesome suggestions, and the most common ones had something to do with seeing if individuals might be willing to chip in upfront. Maybe a few people will buy a couple extras. (By the way, I'm simply blown away by the business savvy I've heard from quite a few folks *ahem* Elwyn :-)

Besides the community, there's one other way to get inspiration - from someone who's recently returned from a cross country drive thinking about nothing but this stuff! After reading through Zen and the Art of Open Source Hardware, I talked with Matt over a whiteboard and lots of paper. The end result? My eyes are red (I imagine Matt's are too), I have a ton of loose, scribbled paper, and dry erase on my hands and face. I'm really not sure here, and maybe it would be nice to have a little chat about this in person. But I think I might just have an idea, and I'm going to spend this weekend drawing this out a little more neatly.

Well, there's this little pizza place right by me, in midtown Manhattan, and I'd love to chat with anyone who can join me for some pepperoni and the first session of the "Open Source Economic Council" (Sorry, I was watching the news when I came up with it, and I couldn't resist!)

Open Source Economic Council

Tuesday, Feb 24
Time: 8 PM
Location (in NYC): Famous Ray's, 831 7th Ave (btw 53rd and 54th).

Pizza's on me. See you there!


Matt said...

I'm definitely going to be there, for sure! Count me in...!

Mark said...

I will be there as well


Jon K said...

I'm not in Manhattan, but would definitely like to discuss how our open hardware effort might dovetail with yours:

You can contact me at jon-at-openprosthetics-dot-org.

Jon Kuniholm

Robert said...

Sounds fun...too bad I'm stuck in Alaska and can't make it.

Jevon Carlson said...

i'd be there but i'm in the boonies.
hope to hear how it went

Matt said...

Wow. alaska?! As in "I have other things to worry about than funding open source hardware, including preventing this bear from eating me-alaska"? :-)

@Justin, also 7 other guys emailed me, so I'll shoot you an email too, and maybe we should make an actual agenda now that there's going to be critical mass?

Matt said...

@Justin - also, I think I'm going to have some print-outs that I'll share with everyone, let me know how many copies to bring!

Adam said...

Arkansas is pretty far from Manhattan... so I can't go. I would have loved to, though! I hope you guys enjoy your pizza!

Justin said...

@Matt - definitely, 5 people already emailed me saying they'd be there, and a few more were interested but still sorting it out.

Wow, looks like everyone's all over the place! Now if someone checks in from Hawaii, I think we'll be all set :-)

Lee said...

I'd like to go, how is the drive in from around New Haven, CT? Google Maps says 1hr40min.

Matt said...

@Lee - actually, you might even be able to car pool with maybe Chris or Mike, whoa re coming from Hartford!

mixonic said...

I'm going to twitter through some of this live- feel free to @ me a question and I'll do my best to follow up.