Monday, September 21, 2009

Illuminato X Machina visits RIMaker Faire, Bre Pettis at Makerbot

This past weekend was like that movie Road Trip, except without the really awkward moments crashing that frat house in the middle. While Justin and Mike went to the Rhode Island Maker Faire, Chris, Matt, and I went down to NYC to meet up with Bre Pettis from Makerbot Industries.


While there, I got to see first hand the 3d printing machine robots he's built, which make me wonder about trying to power it with a grid of robust, adaptive Illuminato X Machina boards :)

I also put the finishing touches on my two work-in-progress sketches, called the "Gradient" Sketch and the "Self-Discovering Topology" Sketch. I'll upload a blog in a second that describes what the Gradient and Self-Discovering Topology sketches do... but first!

This is Matt looking like he normally does... all "shifty" if you know what I mean... although I have no idea how he moved faster than the frame rate set on my camera. Matt's like that though, sometimes he just moves faster than the speed of light just for kicks.

And here's a picture with Bre in it... everyone got in a photo except me, since I took most of them:


Chris said...

Makerbot is a very cool place-thanks for having us Bre!

I also heard from Mike and Justin that there might have been quite a crowd at the RIMaker Faire?

Matt said...

@chris - yeah, bre's place is definitely enviable... it's huge compared to the little "lab" in boston. thanks, bre!