Monday, June 21, 2010

BeagleTouch and BeagleBoard in Action

A lot of people have emailed me about seeing the BeagleTouch in action, and some of the folks who commented have been curious to see a demo as well. It all starts with plucking the BeagleTouch from the skies…erm, I mean, unpacking it from the box :-)

BeagleTouch in the Sky (Medium)

Beagle Touch Board Juice DIY 
The BeagleTouch mounts directly onto the BeagleBoard with some headers that are included. Justin and I wrote up a brief tutorial on how to solder them up yourself, or you can get the Beagle Embedded Starter Kit with the headers pre-assembled.

Then it’s simply a matter of placing the BeagleTouch on the BeagleBoard, powering it up, and booting from the pre-formatted SD card (running Liquidware BeagleBoard Linux).SONY DSC SONY DSC Once the BeagleTouch is mounted on the BeagleBoard, simply plug it into a 5V power adapter or a BeagleJuice battery pack to provide power. Since Liquidware BeagleBoard Linux is based on the Angstrom distribution, the boot screen looks like this:

SONY DSCWhen the BeagleBoard is booted up, the BeagleTouch desktop runs a GUI called Enlightenment with the familiar Mac OS X Leopard background:

Then I opened up GIMP on the desktop, and started drawing!



Since the BeagleTouch also brings out the BeagleBoard’s serial connection to a Type B-mini USB port, I’ve plugged that into the terminal on my laptop as well.

And here’s a video of GIMP in action on the Beagle Embedded Starter Kit. (Since it was plugged into the wall, I didn’t need to attach the BeagleJuice in the video):


Matt said...

i like that first picture... it looks like its descending from the heavens... (insert angelic music here)

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