Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bug Labs Packaging

Bug Labs is finally releasing pictures of their upcoming Bug modules on their website. Now more than ever we're able to see what they've spent their time working on.

These days, it takes a lot for mass produced electronics to get noticed. Usually when I look at something electronic these days, I tend to notice the outer packaging. Shopping for cell phones, mp3 players, etc. I usually go with the one that looks best.

Playing with electronics hardware has kept me busy and awake all hours of the night because there's something inherently self-satisfying about using electronics to create something. Wiring, connecting, and sometimes soldering to create projects has enabled me to learn a lot about electronics.

From the pictures, they've spent lots of time making the packaging of the modules, but it seems like they've missed the idea. How do premade and pre-packaged device allow people to make electronics creations?

Since I like to tinker, what if I don't like their screen or camera module? What do i do if it can't fit into my application? I'm just not sure I'll have enough ability to customize the modules to my liking. Where is the hardware tinkering? Everything is already done for you.

They have done a decent job at selecting some of the modules that people might like to play with, but I hope they leave something for me to do with them!

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