Monday, June 16, 2008

Peddling your (Arduino) wares on Canal Street with the new Hacker's Portfolio

If you're from New York City, you know what I'm talking about, and if you're not, you might still know. Canal Street in NYC holds a place near and dear to my heart and the hearts of many a tourist for being the best place in the world (outside of China) to get cheap knockoff goods. The leather purses that had a rougher feel than the refined counterparts they tried so hard to mimick. And of course the DVDs. But this section of a modern city reminiscent of a Middle Eastern bazaar of centuries past would not be complete without the folks with the briefcases.

With one hand on either side, they were ready to flip open their briefcases at the slightest hint of acknowledgement from a passerby. (Don't make eye contact folks!) Inside was a treasure trove of any high end watch you could imagine, neatly placed on a velvet-covered surface. Shiny and new, but something was not quite right. My personal favorite was the one where all the letter O’s were written as Q’s. Welcome to the world of RQLEX.

The very essence of the sketchy knockoff watch salesman is now captured in the Hacker’s Portfolio—a slim, yet solid portfolio with a fabric-textured hardcover. What’s great is that it can be flipped out easily for presentation, much like the salesman’s briefcase. But even better than velvet, the interior is lined with strips of Velcro, so your hardware won’t go flying off when you’re just a little too eager to show it off to the next passerby. And it's easy to close up and run off in case the cops come running after you.

But seriously, it's pretty cool to be able to show off your stuff in this case, and it comes with 10 mini black protoboards. And strips of Velcro too. Check it out here.

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