Monday, November 10, 2008

Back in Black! Introducing the Lithium Backpack Stealth

*Edit*Thanks for the comments on the new lithium backpacks... I've assembled a handful of them with Matt and Mike, and they're ready to ship. I've updated the description over at Thanks a lot, Justin *Edit*

Figure 1. Old version: sad Green PCB

When the Lithium Backpacks ran out, it was a good chance to upgrade a few parts of the design to increase load when needed, add a heftier reverse current protector, and some new battery shapes. They'll be over at the site, under Lithium Backpack Stealth:

Here's a picture of hicap, "Big brother" and locap, "little brother":

Lithium BackPack Stealth and other components in the kits:

Thanks a lot!

Justin and Matt

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