Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TouchShield Not Working

I just started using Chris and Matt's TouchShield Slide...

I started by using the reference wiki on the
Invention Lab

I used a couple of the basic functions to create a sketch program on my Slide and my Stealth.
I put the code into the
wiki; it was about 5 lines of code!

I tried doing the same thing with a square instead of a rectangle, but it didn't work quite right :o(
So I posted some notes on the
rectangle function instructions.

I also tried using these functions with my TouchShield Stealth... but the gettouch() function didn't work well on the small touch screen. I also made some bug notes on the
gettouch function wiki.

I will be working with Chris and Matt nonstop till I get these bugs fixed and more features added.

Sorry for anyone else who's having trouble (please feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions).

I hope you enjoy my drawing program.


Severino said...

Leaps and bounds...
Check out these youtube videos:

JustinN said...

Ah, finally a real life picture of the touchshield slide. Looks slightly smaller than in iphone.

Post up the dimensions please.


Severino said...

Hi Justin...
2.83 inch diagonal

Matt said...

I'm not giving up yet!!! Argh... AVR GCC compiler: 3 Matt: 1

Those are closer odds than I thought I'd get! But seriously... why won't gcc compile consistently on Mac and on Windows...?