Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Antipasto_cores commits MessageScroller

When Matt B. said github rocks, and everyone who is a fan of Linus Torvalds should use it, I was interested, but like Mike usually is, I was skeptical.

Fast forward a few months later, passing through some github maturity scenes, and I eating my own words, while being spoon fed by Curtis Morehead's oled_objects branch of the antipasto_cores code base.

Curtis made some some sophisticated updates to the TouchShield Stealth's Oled drivers, that conceptualize the screen as an object, well done! In fact, I had a difficult time photographing the app because of the super efficient text scrolling capability,

It sprinkles in some object orientated design to allow for console applications, such as the one above, that can consume text data. This could be especially interesting to someone who spends 25% of their time serial debugging messages, like me.

Antipasto Cores activity feeds are now active, so with a quick glance at liquidware.com, checkout how Matt B made some tricky web hacks to capture the github data stream with his "Latest Code on github" section.

Thanks Matt, but now everyone can see how I typecasted a (float) to an (int) on that release. Yea, yea, spotted, but I should have known better, whoops ;-)

Anyways, I just finished testing and merging Curtis's fork back into the TouchShield Stealth core. So you want to play with it, pull down the cores and drop them into the Arduino hardware/cores directory to test with some example code,
//* MessageScroller Example
//* for the TouchShield Stealth
//* By: Curtis Morehead
#include "Oled.h"
#include "MessageScroller.h"
#include "colors.h"

MessageScroller scroller = MessageScroller(&Display, &BLUE, &BLACK);
int i = 0;

void setup()

void loop()
if(i%250 == 0)
scroller.AddFormattedText("This is line %d", i);

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Mark said...


I agree, git is pretty neat. Takes a little bit to figure it out but then it goes well. I have posted all of the Hershey font files and my latest version of SubPGraphics. This version will work completely on both SLIDE and STEALTH. Just point the boards.txt file entry for STEALTH to the SLIDE folder.