Monday, January 18, 2010

IXM Robust Computing Research Linkfest

Dave and the students and researchers taking his class on "robust physical computation" have been really busy recently, hacking the IXM and learning about robust computation theory and applications. I've been getting more and more emails about the IXM, parallel systems, and multi-processing, so I figured it would make sense to pull together a post about a bunch of links that I've been collecting.

EDIT: I just found this video, and it's so cool I had to swap it out...

Here's a video by Dave on "living computation"

Here's a link to the UNM course page

It contains a fair number of quite conceptual and research-oriented papers and readings, for anyone interested in really diving into the concepts behind why robust computing is so important, and where it's all heading.

Some of my favorite reading is by Von Neumann (pdf alert).

The class had a wiki with some basic up-and-running sketches to run on the IXM

Here is a direct link to the tutorials that Dave and the class wrote describing how to get the IXM up and running with some basic robust computational concepts

Some of my favorites include his tutorial on an embedded system parallel message passing sketch. This is one of my favorites because such a complex topic is boiled down into such a simple set of programs and metaphors.

All of the parallel and robust systems data structures and classes, in one place. This page literally contains everything someone would need to learn about the inner workings of parallel and multi-processing systems. Impressive.

Plenty of low and high level code examples.

The students and researchers that took Dave's class uploaded some projects that they built on top of the IXM. This is a blog post in an of itself, soon to come.

Here's even a Java emulator of the IXM (by Daniel), although I haven't played around with it (yet).

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