Friday, August 29, 2008

Glamor shots with the Arduino

A friend of mine is a photographer, and he and I spent some time together this last weekend. He knows a lot about taking product photos, so he took a few, and taught me some tricks of the trade.

It just goes to show what a decent camera can really do - wow! It almost makes me want one, so I guess I'll have to start shopping around on Ebay for a decent used one :)

This is a shot of me holding the TouchShield with my hand:
Holding the Arduino TouchShield Lithium Backpack by you.

This is a really artsy-looking shot of the ExtenderShield:
ExtenderShield on its side by you.

Here's the TouchShield, stacked on the Arduino, and Lithium Backpack:
Arduino TouchShield Lithium Backpack reflection by you.

Here's a side shot of the Arduino and Lithium backpack:
Arduino Lithium Backpack side reflection by you.

And a solitary (aw, so lonely) shot of the Lithium Backpack:
Lithium Backpack for Arduino by you.

The full photo stream is over at Flickr, if you're interested :)

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