Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm back!

Wow, that was pretty crazy! I'm finally back from vacation, and got a chance to get caught up on all kinds of stuff. Like links :)

I just stumbled across this video by Ladyada (looks really cool, and way to go with the high quality camera - I'm so jealous!). Also, that's a really cool opening animation they found.

I also finally got caught up on some emails, and lots of people emailed in saying thanks for the comparison article, but also, some corrections. Thanks a lot - I was hoping to make people's lives a little simpler by understanding which boards work with shields. Actually, if you interpretted the stars as performance or price, they're completely reshuffled. For instance, some of the boards are definitely cheaper than others. Of course I'll always favor the original Arduino, but that's just me :)

Finally, I got a chance to upload some videos and new changes to the web site that I've been really slacking on, but over the next couple days I'll polish it up, and hopefully that'll make the rest of the website easier to use. I hope it works!

Also, Justin's really excited because all the new PowerSquid's just came in, and he's going to write up a little post about them...

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