Sunday, September 5, 2010

If the Old Spice Man were an Arduino

I worked fairly late last night on one of my projects, so I'm in a silly mood as I type this. Justin just mentioned to me that he built some more Illuminato Genesis boards, and that I should mention that they're now in stock for the first time in months. But that would be boring, so I figured I'd "spice" up the public service announcement... and Chris and I have had an inside joke with Chris that the Illuminato Genesis is the Old Spice Man of Arduinos :-)

The Illuminato Genesis has a lot in common with the Old Spice man:

It's ripped - with 42 I/O pins
It's built - by hand
It's tall - with 64k of memory
And it's suave - with custom LED's

So naturally...

Look at your Arduino.

Now back at me.

Now back at your Arduino

Now back to me.

Sadly, he isn't me.

But if he had 42 I/O pins, and had twice the memory, he could function like he's me.

Look down.

Back up.

Where are you? Your in a lab with wires.

With the Arduino your Arduino could look like.

What's in your hand?

Back at me.

It's an oyster (or 2 shells) with two USB mini B connector cables to interface that thing you love.

Look again.

The cables are now a TouchShield Slide!

Anything is possible when your Arduino is an Illuminato Genesis and not a Duemilanove.

I'm on a horse.

You have no idea how hard it is to find a horse these days. :-)

By now, almost the whole world knows about the "Old Spice Man":


John Peter Norair said...

This would have made more sense if you had not made a typo is the post title. :)

enclis said...

nice board, but i dont get - which microcontroller is used?

Matt said...

@JP - ha ha ha ha - "Old Space Man" hardy harr harr I can't believe I missed that... ok, fixed...

Rich said...

I think you need to add a "Old Spice" library function, similar to this:

Old Spice Library

Matt said...

@rich - haha - there's something about the self-recognized tackiness of the old spice monologues that make it consistently funny. i've averaged 1 view of the original youtube video per week. i need to cut the trend off, or soon i will be looking at 4 hours of old spice man video's per year. sad.