Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The evolution of bread(boards)

First there was Wonder bread. And then there was the plain white breadboard. My oh my, how times have changed! Just walk into any Subway, and you’re faced with choices like Honey Oat, Italian Herbs & Cheese, Parmesan & Oregano…and don’t even get me started on Panera. The breadboard industry naturally followed suit, with breadboards of all shapes, sizes and colors.

In particular, do you remember when we launched these color Mini ProtoBoards a couple weeks ago? As they have been selling like hotcakes, we knew they were pretty popular. So popular that they were the feature of a Make blog post, who also found them being sold at FunGizmos.

Well we ordered a ton more, which cost us a lot less. And we’re ready to pass the savings on to you. All Liquidware Mini ProtoBoards, any color, are now just $3! And even less if you buy a bunch at once. Enjoy adding that pinch of creativity to your project, or use them as dominoes. They’re fun either way. Check out some fun things we did with ours:

Colored mini protoboards

Really neat animation with lots of mini black protoboards

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