Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arduino Uno launched and connected to the TouchShield Slide

Hallelujah! Finally, an Arduino edition with a sufficiently Anglicized name that I can actually pronounce!

Introducing the Arduino Uno. Uno. Pronounced: "ooo-no"

Not "doooehmillahnoevuh" like the previous version of the Arduino. Just Arduino Uno. Arduino Uno. It's as if a million teachers, educators, students, hackers, and DIY'ers cried out out in unison, and were NOT silenced by the second syllable after tripping over their tongues!

Here's my first Arduino Uno, still sitting inside its box, with no idea what kind of heinous, mind-stretching, solder-busting torture it's about to go through in the coming months. If it only knew... it might stay inside it's little comfort box:

This is my first one, taken out of the box:
Here it is, sitting next to my trusty sidekick, the Illuminato Genesis. The Illuminato Genesis is still my go-to-board for high numbers of I/O requirements, and for a slightly faster speed:
Of course my first reaction was,... does it work with the TouchShield Slide? The answer was... yes, it most certainly does:
Justin just threw the Arduino Uno up over on the Liquidware Shop... and I uploaded some pictures over at the Flickr page. I'll be using the Arduino Uno in my upcoming projects, and will start seeing if there are any particular anomalies with my code samples, although I expect there not to be.

PS I like the new logo and color art too, nicely done, Team Arduino!

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