Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Community Open Source Hardware, Part 2

A few months back, I reached out to a few folks in the Arduino community who were building some interesting shields, and picked up a few to add to the store. Well, the guys over at Asynclabs, who came up with the WiShield sent me a few more interesting pieces of hardware, which I’ve added to the Community section on the shop

The first is the BlackWidow, or as some would call it, a “WiFi Arudino”, which uses a surface mount Atmega328 to make room for an onboard 802.11b WiFi module. I know people have been talking about it for a while, and it’s pretty neat to find one for less than the Arduino BT.
SONY DSCHooked up a Lithium Backpack and Slide, it could make quite a portable wireless access control panel... 


For folks working on projects that need to fit in a smaller space, the YellowJacket packs everything onto a tiny, double-sided PCB, with a single 6-pin header to interface to a USB FTDI breakout board like the USB-BUB over at Modern Device:SONY DSC Breaking the wireless trend, the FlashShield is a solo prototyping shield that carries 16Mbit data flash for data logging and internet caching:SONY DSC And last but not least, WiShield 2.0 has arrived! This version of the WiShield comes with an external antenna, all SMT components, and a 16 Mbit dataflash built in.SONY DSCI’ve been surfing the Arduino forums and talking to a few people from the community about some new hardware. If there are modules I should add to the Community section of the shop, just let me know – jhuynh at gmail…

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