Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing the IXM Proto Cell

Several folks had asked about ways they could wire some sensors or other components to tap into a grid of IXMs. So Chris and Paul worked with Dave to create the IXM Proto Cell.


The IXM Proto Cell contains a broad, solderable dev area that’s perfect for building analog RC circuits, and could interface with analog through an analog to I2C converter. The IXM Proto has a dual 7-pin interface along one edge that connects directly into a single face of any other IXM cell. SONY DSC

Each IXM digital pin is mapped out to a set of solder pads, and onboard 3.3V and 5V voltage regulators protect components from the IXM’s native 12V power rail. The remaining components equip the board for connecting circuits easily and driving outputs to the remainder of the IXM system. It’s also a handy debugger tool for reading out directly to various components, or to interface just about any part with the pins on an IXM cell – all within the same shape and form factor.

One way to think about the IXM Proto is that it’s the “wildcard” in the ecosystem. Anything goes, kind of like a DIY IXM cell.

I’ve posted it up at the Liquidware shop, and it’s available pre-assembled or as a solderable kit for the adventurous :)

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