Monday, April 12, 2010

Midterms, Finals, and Sensor Cheatsheets

It’s about that time of year that even frosty New England starts to get some sun. It’s also the time of year when school starts to wind down with finals and senior design projects.

Every once in a while, especially in the more quantitative classes, the professor would allow students to bring in a one page, single-sided cheat sheet created from textbook formulas and class notes. Too bad magnifying glasses weren’t allowed too :)

Inspired by the idea, and a few keen suggestions (thanks Keith!) Matt and I wrote up some starter “cheatsheets” to get folks started with some of the new Liquidware+Modern Device sensors.

3-axis cheatsheetCompared to the scribbles and highlights above, it’s actually quite minimalistic. The idea, of course, is to include the basic, no-frills info to get the sensor module wired to the Arduino and printing outputs to serial.

I uploaded the cheatsheets for the 3-Axis Accelerometer, Crash Test Sensor, Temp Sensor, Compass Module, and Dual Axis Gyro to their respective pages over at the Liquidware shop. Scroll all the way down – it’s at the bottom of the page, under “Downloads”.


On a similar note, I’ve been doing a little bit of spring cleaning to organize a lot of the resources that have accumulated over the past few months. A lot of it is just putting to use great ideas from some of the questions and comments that I’ve received from several folks, which I’ll post more about that in the upcoming week…

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