Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liquidware is in Make Magazine!

A lot of people have been writing to me the past week congratulating me on being in Make Magazine. First of all, thank you very very much... it's a big deal for me, because 1) it came out looking not so bad in real print (thanks to the guys and graphic designers at Make), 2) Make is a big deal, and 3) I'm only a couple pages away from Mr. Dyson's ad for his super duper vacuum cleaner...

Here's the front page of Make magazine for this month:

Here's the super duper vacuum cleaner ad:

And here's my ad!!!!!!!

The ad shows the TouchShield Slide, and 5 physical computing sensors that Paul from Modern Device and Chris and I collaborated on to develop. The goal of the sensors was to decrease the time and complexity of working with sensors by 1 order of magnitude. That meant that if it previously took 10 minutes to get a sensor up and running on the Arduino, Paul, Chris, and I wanted to make it work in 1 minute or less. I think it worked... but more in the next blog post...

There is no way I designed that ad by myself, so I have to thank my friend Kristoph from school who now works at one of the big design firms in NYC who helped me set up the picture, take the picture, layout the text, and format it. Justin and I then did the finishing touches on the picture and text.

Anyway, it's not everyday that I feel proud of a piece of art that I had a part in, and this ad was a pretty big milestone for me, so to I also put it up on the front page of Liquidware to celebrate :-)

I can't believe the picture actually came out looking half-way decent in print. I mean it's one thing to print it out 50 times on a photo printer and plaster it all over my wall... it's another thing to actually have it come out looking halfway decent :-)


Matt B. said...

Congratulations! I'm just getting started with Arduino, and the TouchScreen Stealth. Thanks for your blog postings and examples. Keep up the good work!!

Matt said...

@matt b. thanks, will do... let me know if you need any help or have some fun ideas on the stealth :-)