Monday, May 19, 2008

+10V Underwater!

While playing around with the new Ballistics-proof cases, I noticed there's a rubber gasket around the sealing edge of the case. Why is this there?

One possible explanation is to keep out water. So in the spirit of breaking things, I took a 10v power source, an LED, and the case to test and see if it was in fact, watertight!

Ballistics Case

10V Power Source:
Building +10V battery source to power an LED is a snap using Lithium backpacks.

Lithium Backpacks have +5v

Now two wired together to make 10V

Put into the Ballistics Cases

Here it is about to get dunked into the soapy water!

And the Video

Results: It survived!


Matt said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about that... I was trying to post a reply, and I accidentally deleted your comment :(

I don't know how to get it back on blogger... ugh. Anyway, yeah - release valves can be a lot of fun!

Floriansweb said...

how do you got 10v? i thought the backpack has only 5v output? Can i use the backpack to drive a 9v dc motor?

thanks for the answer!

Unknown said...

Florian, look its 2 backpacks.