Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Customizable Gamer is Still Vapor

Project Update:
I have been researching my Customizable Gamer for the past week and decided a few more things about the device.
  • I scratched the buttons idea and decided to go with a touch panel for my buttons. The reason I decided against the buttons was the touch panel can allow for multiple buttons all on the same panel.
  • I scraped the Liquidware LCD screen. The screen I found is very similar to the one on Liquidware except it larger and has a pre-mounted touch panel.

Larger = Better :o)

  • Other developments include choosing a processor for the project; in my case I chose the ATMega 256 series of Atmel microcontrollers. The 256k of program memory might be a little over kill, but I want plenty of room to code in tons of games and bitmaps.
  • Finally, I decided what my first game would be. Some may consider it an archaic game, but I have plenty of fond memories clicking the up down arrows of "Pong".

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