Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ballistics-proof hardware physical computing, anyone?

In the spirit of really cool looking electronics, I'm happy to introduce the Ballistics ProtoHack Pack. It's the answer to portable hardware hacking cases! Open up the blacked-out ballistics case, and inside there's a DoubleWide ExtenderShield, with two mini protoshields for circuit prototyping. There's space underneath, and plenty on top for circuits.

Here's one of my favorite pictures I took tonight, with two red mini protoboards. I almost can't describe it... it brings tears to my eyes :)

The white on black also looks really slick:

I just showed it to some friends, and I can attest that it adds a "wow that's cool"-factor to any standard circuit. Everyone wanted to hold it, and open and close it. I'm thinking the next thing it needs is a sensor that detects when it's opened or closed :)

There's something very aesthetically pleasing, and Feng Shui about circuits lined up in the case:

And here's a shot of the TouchShield Stealth sitting inside the case:

In this shot, you can see the Lithium Backpack that I placed underneath. You can put two batteries underneath, and wire power from the batteries up to the prototyping space on top. It just works:

The only thing I haven't yet worked out is how to fit the Arduino underneath - since the USB type B port sticks out just a little too far. I'll keep experimenting, but in the meantime it's become my new favorite show-and-tell.

You can choose white, red, or black protoboards with the Ballistics pack, over at the store.

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