Sunday, May 18, 2008

Introducing the new TouchShield Stealth

By now, some folks have definitely found this on the store page already. It's the new, all blacked out version of the TouchShield, called the "Stealh" edition. I got a bunch of emails suggesting an all-blacked out version would look really cool on the Arduino, and since green is soooo old school 1980's hardware hacking. The new version also has quite a few new hardware trace route changes, firmware upgrades, and a new method of attaching the cable to the shield.

Here's a new picture of the TouchShield, sitting on top of the Arduino (and taken with my little homemade lightbox):

Here's a slightly different angle:

This picture makes me really jealous of robots... and automatic solder stations. I mean seriously... how does it get so close in there? Sure beats my hand soldering:

The ubiquitous "angled" shot, which seems to be how all the big boys (cough Apple cough Sony cough) take their product photos:

Anyway, the oldie but goodie hand-soldered TouchShield is still available, I've just renamed it to the TouchShield Classic. In the meantime, you can find the new robot-assembled, finely-tuned, perfectly soldered TouchShield Stealth over at the store.


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