Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Imagine an Extender Shield

On a boring New Years Day Matt uploaded a crazy picture to; this image represented an idea he envisioned. I first looked at the crappy 'MS Paint' image with a lot of confusion; all I saw was a black square with some white lines on it.

I read the title of the Liquid Post, "Arduino Pin Replicator Double Shield", and all of a sudden the ideas started flowing. I could imagine an Arduino with detachable protoshield on one side and an xbee shield on the other end.

After a week of thought I had to put my ideas on the liquidware site, a 'Double Wide' shield would be much better for my application.

So I uploaded another crappy paint image with a horizontal shield layout.

After a few months and lots of thought the Liqudware community came up with the Double Wide Extender Shield, which is shared with the community at

Check it out at

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